Changes for 15/04

Here’s a summary of changes since the last announcement.


  • Refresh button to the Mapbox popup thumbnail view
  • PRO upgrade prompt for international site visitors and archived footage older than 7 days
  • Audley Weir has been added to the main menu
  • Redirect Russian and Belarusian site visitors to the UKRAINE – NO WAR page


  • Webcam actions floats to the right of the webcam title on Desktop
  • Webcam actions floats above the webcam title on mobile
  • Geolocation does not trigger automatically on each screen load


  • Updated the Goals section on the About page
  • International site visitors can unlock Maps by upgrading to PRO
  • Archived footage older than 7 days is available by upgrading to PRO
  • Audley Weir‘s surface water sensor has been removed from the public domain

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